Upgrading the system

Sea Elf can be upgraded through synthesis. Two Sea Elfs of the same type and level can be upgraded to a higher-level Sea Elf of the same type. After upgrading, they can obtain more dragon power. Use it to expand the territory of your own camp. Give your species a place to grow.
If the Sea Elf you own is of a different category, you can sell and buy it on the NFT marketplace, or a Sea Elf eligible for upgrade, an upgraded Sea Elf, or a Premium Sea Elf.
It should be noted that upgrading Sea Elf requires a certain amount of Gems. Before upgrading, you need to check whether your Gem balance is enough to pay for the upgrade. In addition, the upgrade has a probability of failure. If the upgrade fails, one Sea Elf will be lost and one will be returned.
The specific data are shown in the table below: