Customs clearance the system

We have five levels in total, and each level has three sub-levels. Sea Elf can enter the stage to clear it. The level of Sea Elf must be greater than or equal to the level of the stage to enter (Eg. Lv 1 Sea Elf can only enter lv 1 Stage, lv 2 Sea Elf can enter lv 1 & 2 Stage, etc.). Achievements and attributes of Sea Elf, settlement level rewards (Shards of Sea Elf).
Different level of Stages, the benefits and rewards are not the same, the higher the level in the stage, the higher the rewards, take a look at the following table for more info:
(The consumption of DUW data will fluctuate according to the fluctuation of the DUW market price. The higher the DUW price, the less the amount of DUW consumed,The value will be adjusted)