NFT economic model

NFT minting

Except for the mystery box, which was launched and released by the game, all NFTs are minted by users. Fragments are produced through the game, and Elf Eggs are synthesized. After opening, they can obtain Sea Elf. The same is true for Gems.
Only players unlock species through the game and get rewarded Gems, or Obtained by opening the Sea Elf Egg, there is no other way to obtain it, the rights are returned to the user, and the user can decide the number of NFTs.

NFT destruction

NFT minting is determined by users. Through the game process, NFT is continuously destroyed to ensure a reasonable correspondence between the number of NFTs and the number of players, preventing a large number of NFT minting and causing NFT redundancy, thereby ensuring the value of NFT.
  1. 1.
    After the Sea Elf upgrade, the two Sea Elf used for the upgrade will be destroyed directly after the upgrade. If the upgrade fails, one Sea Elf will also be destroyed and one Sea Elf will be returned.
  2. 2.
    Consumed Gems are directly destroyed.