Game section introduction

Game section introduction Dreamy Undersea World consists of main locations, basic resources, special species, mysterious Sea Elf, etc. The functional entry layout is in the main interface of the game includes:

1.NFT trading market

Game-side NFT trading market, which is convenient for users to trade their own NFTs in the market, including Sea Elf, Sea Elf Egg, Gem, etc.

2.Game Backpack

1).Fragments 2).Sea Elf Egg 3).Sea Elf 4).Gem 5).Sea Elf Upgrade


Encyclopedia Illustrated Is an Atlas platform for all items in the game, including Resources, Buildings, Sea Elf, Miscellaneous Objects, during the game, unlock the corresponding Atlas to get rewards.

4.Game Store

Different from the NFT trading market, the game mall provides different types for players to choose for a better gaming experience, and different labels sell different products. Items need to be unlocked to earn stars by completing order quests in the camp. Players can buy various props to assist the game and get higher earnings.

5.Level Entry

Clearing the level is one of the very important sections in our game. The entrance to the level is located in the underwater world. Participating in the level can get a high amount of fragment rewards. For details, see the gameplay.

6.Turtle Island (entrance to the mining pool)

Mining is also one of the important links in our game. Advanced Sea Elf can enter Turtle Island and earn DUW rewards for work.