Welcome to Dreamy Undersea World

Dreamy Undersea World is the first casual chain game on the entire network. It was launched by DAOPORT and a well-known game development company. It is the first to create a new idea of ​​Play-to-Earn.
Dreamy Undersea World is a synthetic casual game. Explore the mysterious Sea Elf, quests, and interesting deep sea secrets in the underwater world, where you can heal this mysterious deep sea through healing magic, and use your magic to match/combine things - Sea Elf Egg, Brick, Treasure , ocean flowers, and all kinds of wonderful species hidden in the deep sea.
Get Sea Elf Eggs to hatch deep-sea Sea Elf, and then evolve them to become more powerful Sea Elf! Complete challenging deep-sea puzzle levels, then bring the rewards back to your base camp to collect and grow. Let players enjoy greater freedom, bring more fun, and enjoy the game income.
It is different from traditional GameFi in that in the traditional GameFi 1.0 era, most of the games belonged to the mining model, which caused the constant inflation of game tokens and could not ensure the stability of the token value. Another point is that some NFTs launched by GameFi are not actually minted on the chain, and the issuance and destruction mechanisms of NFTs are not announced, resulting in a significant reduction in the value of NFTs. Dreamy Undersea World, using the DAO method, all assets can be checked on the chain, combined with the perfect token economic model, players can enjoy their rights fairly.
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Last modified 9mo ago